UIUC Algae Biofuels

Members - Matthew Ong
Background - Research - Publications - Awards

In 2011, Matthew graduated from University of California, Davis with a BS in Biological and Agricultural Engineering and a minor in Statistics. Having garnered interest in waste-to-resources technologies from working on projects pertaining to microbial fuel cells, ethanol fermentation, and anaerobic digestion, he moved to Illinois several month's later and joined Dr. Schideman's research group. Currently, he is studying the hydrothermal catalytic gasification of waste newspaper, and furthering his knowledge of anaerobic digestion processes.


Matthew's recent research involves the hydrothermal catalytic gasification (TOP, MIDDLE) of algae (BOTTOM) using a Raney nickel catalyst.

Matthew's current research focuses on the following areas:

  • Hydrothermal catalytic gasification of waste biomass
Previous work has included:
  • Microbial fuel cells for simultaneous wastewater treatment
  • Anaerobic digestion of waste biomass mixtures
  • Sugar beet bioprocessing strategies for bioethanol production
  • Agricultural soil NOx emissions from irrigation and fertilizer application

Matthew has received the following academic awards and fellowships:

  • Departmental Citation in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from UC Davis, 2011