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Members - Safyre Anderson
Background - Research - Publications - Awards

Safyre joined Dr. Schideman's algae group in fall 2011. Prior, she graduated with a BS in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from University of California, Davis and interned at Oakbio, Inc.


Safyre's current research focuses on cultivating algae with high-value products (TOP, MIDDLE), namely caratenoids (BOTTOM).

Safyre's current research focuses on the following areas:

  • Extraction of High-Value Caratenoids from Algae
Previous work has included:
  • Sustainable agricultural practices, water quality and land subsidence mitigation in the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta
  • Methods for thermochemical pretreatment of agricultural waste feedstocks for bioenergy production
  • Microbial fuel cells for treatment of solids organics
  • Identification of ¬†identify metabolites in microalgae (Clamydomonas reinhardtii) exposed to changes in genetics or nutrient deprivation

Safyre has received the following academic awards and fellowships:

  • Jonathan Baldwin Turner Fellowship, 2011